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The Deep Impact of Moderate Psoriasis: Uncovering Patient Perspectives

The third chapter in this video series explores the potential disconnect that can exist between patients and healthcare providers and the importance of considering patient perspectives.

Data showing differences in patient and clinical perceptions of PsO treatment goals, including the importance of reduced itching to patients and impact of overall improvements to clinicians.

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Importance of Patient Perspectives

Although most patients and HCPs thought their treatment goals were aligned, results from the UPLIFT survey showed their treatment goals were not well aligned.3 Patients often ranked goals other than skin clearance as important. For example, patients ranked reducing itching as their top treatment goal, followed by keeping symptoms controlled and total skin clearance. In contrast, dermatologists ranked overall impact on patients as the top treatment goal, followed by near-total skin clearance and keeping symptoms controlled.3

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Reaching a Deeper Understanding of Our Patients With Moderate Psoriasis

In this podcast, Melodie Young, a dermatology nurse practitioner, focuses on the moderate psoriasis population and key considerations for patients with moderate psoriasis in the clinic.

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Data showing how patients & HCPs may differ in perceiving the impact of lesion location, size, and itching on psoriasis severity.

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